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I D Lloyd & Sons - Commercial Decorators

I.D. Lloyd & Sons Limited offers coordinated Commercial Decorators services to principle-contractors and businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Our family-run business is long established, having been founded in 1962. From central Northamptonshire, any contract within a 60-mile radius is within comfortable reach for efficient and safe completion to the highest of standards and expectations of our clients.

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Commercial Painting and Decorating

Our services include commercial maintenance specialising in painting and decorating, aimed at preserving, enhancing, and refreshing the appearance of commercial properties. These services are designed to ensure that the physical assets of a commercial space, such as buildings, offices, and facilities, remain in optimal condition while meeting aesthetic and branding standards. We can advise the required cyclical program to proactively maintain your properties.

Industrial Painting and Decorating Services

Welcome to our Industrial Painting services division, where we specialise in surveying, planning, and managing projects within our catchment areas of Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Cambridgeshire. Our expertise lies in conducting maintenance and refurbishments for a variety of structures, including factories, bridges, railings, and street furniture. We employ a diverse range of high-performance finishes tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

New Build Housing - Painting & Decorating Services

We deliver painting and decorating services to new build housing developments with a strategic combination of efficiency, flexibility, and a commitment to quality whilst still maintaining a safety-first ethos. We are professionals in this industry and contribute significantly to the successful completion and marketability of new homes for multiple national house builders.

New Construction - Painting and Decorating

I D Lloyd & Sons Ltd have many years of valuable experience in working painting and decorating new construction projects. We provide managed teams of skilled decorators to market leading principle contractors working on a diverse range of project types.

New Construction painting and decorating Northamptonshire
Commercial Painters and Decorators Northamptonshire
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